2 John (Adults)

2 John verses 1-13

Lesson written by Murray Wade, Beth Wade, and Mark Copeland

Questions for 2 John 1-13

*Please make the time to study at home in order to answer the questions below. All of our Bible classes are richer in the sharing of thoughts when we dedicate time to prepare for our public Bible studies. 


1. What does the author call himself in the salutation? Is John, the apostle, specifically named in the text as the writer?




2. To whom is the letter written? How were they regarded by John and other brethren?




3. What four phrases related to truth are used by John in his greeting?




4. What caused John to rejoice greatly?




5. What plea does John make?  




6. What action word is used in this letter to describe their obedience (see verses 4 and 6)? Why is this important?




7. What two major themes are emphasized in this 2 John that are also emphasized in 1 John?




8. What warning and admonition is given to brethren in verse 8?




9. What happens if one transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ?




10. How were they told to deal with deceiving teachers who did not abide in the doctrine of Christ?




11. John wrote this letter with what hope?




12. Who might the “elect sister” be (see 1 Peter 5:13 also)?




13. What is the best thing you learned from reading and studying 2 John?